Almeley Pathfinders

Almeley Pathfinders
Almeley Pathfinders
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The Almeley Pathfinders was first formed in 1984 with approx 4 people, now in 2014 it has approx 34 members. We walk twice a month on a Wednesday & a Sunday with a different leader on every walk. We try to walk the local footpaths in the parish if possible. Also, the walks are split into two types: ‘amble’ – easy walking, no stiles, on the level as much as possible, up to 2-3 miles, ‘walk’ – anything goes. Both types are open to everyone.

We have a meeting in the Village Hall at the beginning of each season (usually March), at which a provisional programme of walks is compiled. Also at this meeting, we decide on a date for the ‘Litter Pick’ and who is picking in which areas of the Parish.

New members are always welcome, as not everyone goes on every walk. Any enquiries please contact : David McAndrew – phone (01544)327916 or Peter Hall – phone (01544)32725

Phone Number:
01544 327916
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