Do you have any suitable land for future Development?


Do you have any suitable land for future Development?

If you have any land within or adjacent to Almeley or Woonton that you think might be suitable for development or are thinking of converting a rural building to housing in the parish, we need to hear from you.

The Parish Council is preparing a plan for the next 15 years and Herefordshire Council stipulate that we have to identify land for housing. At the moment we are simply trying to identify land that might be available.

Our Planning Consultant will ensure that your personal details remain confidential and anonymous and the data will be used for the purposes intended. However, a report upon site options considered will be produced as part of the evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan that will identify the land put forward for consideration.

To comply with the regulations every potential application needs to be documented and assessed by a planning consultant using set criteria and follow a process approved by Hereford Council. You may well have responded to a previous call for land but we need everyone interested to contact us so that all options can be registered formally.

We are not allowed to approach landowners directly but have to do it in a public manner through local advertising. Forms can be requested via the parish clerk or 01544 340200 Deadline is March 25th