Parish Council Members

Almeley Parish council consists of 7 councillors and a clerk. The positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected annually at the annual general meeting (AGM). An annual review of the members of the working groups, Committees and Sub-Committees also takes place at the AGM.

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, the following link will be useful – Be a Councillor

Name Known As Responsibilities Working Groups (WG) and link to NRI Form.
Ms. Rosemary Proctor Rosemary Parish Councillor Coming soon once HC have updated their site
Mr. John Crippin John Parish Councillor  Coming soon
Mr. Andrew Cross Andy Parish Councillor  Coming soon
Vacancy Parish Councillor Coming soon.
Mr. Martin Skyrme Martin Parish Councillor  Coming soon
Mr. Colin Powell Colin Parish Councillor  To be filled in January
Mr. Michael Handley Michael Parish Councillor Coming soon
Mrs. Emma Thomas Emma Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

Each councillor is required to disclose their interests on a “Notice of Registerable Interests” form (NRI). These disclosures are publically available on Herefordshire Councils website, links to these have been provided for each councillor in the above table and can be viewed by clicking on NRI for each councillor. The NRI form includes any Membership details of Public Bodies.