Neighbourhood Development Plan

The objective is to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish of Almeley. Agendas, Minutes and associated documents will be published on this page.

Result of Referendum

81.8% of votes cast voted yes to having an NDP.  This is now a legal document and will be used to help decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.  This is a significant achievement in enabling the Parish to help protect itself against excessive and out-of -keeping development in the coming years.


The NDP will be going to referendum on 30th May 2019.  Every parishioner on the electoral role will be sent a poll card shortly.

Declaration of Result of Poll – Almeley

Notice of Poll

Notice of Referendum – Almeley

Almeley NDP Final Version Jan 2019

Examination Stage

Response to examiner’s questions – November 2018

The NDP is now progressing to the Examination Stage.  Further details will be posted when available.

Responses to Reg 16 comments received – October 2018

Regulation 16 Submission to Herefordshire Council

A newsletter has been posted to all households in Almeley today (6th June 2018) – please click the link here to see a copy Newsletter

This newsletter draws attention to the meeting that will be taking place on Monday 11th June 2018, when the Parish Council will be considering the following documents for submission to Herefordshire Council at Regulation 16.  This then hands the process over to Herefordshire Council for further consultation and examination.

Almeley Draft NDP

Almeley Environment Report – June 18

Almeley HRA Report – June 18

Woonton Hamlet Policies Map

Almeley Village Policies Map

Almeley Parish Policies Map

Almeley Basic Conditions Statement June 2018

Almeley Parish Council Nature Conservation Plan June 2018

Almeley Consultation Statement

Schedule of Alterations April 2018

Schedule of Representations April 2018

This Wildlife Audit sits alongside the NDP – Biodiversity Audit Report

NDP Evidence Base – Parish Plan

NDP Evidence Base – Parish Plan Appendices

NDP Evidence Base – Local Green Space Assessments

Regulation 14 Consultation 

The following documents have been approved for consultation at Regulation 14.  The consultation period ran from Monday 19th February 2018 – Noon Monday 9th April 2018.  Please see all comments submitted in the following document:

Regulation 14 Consultation Comments Table

This table has been forwarded to the NDP consultant for comment and inclusion in forthcoming Regulation 16 documents.

The following documents will be available to you here on Monday 19th February 2018:  Approved Draft NDP, SEA, HRA, Consultation Notice and Response Form.

Almeley Draft NDP

Consultation Notice

Almeley NDP Response Sheet

Almeley Strategic Environmental Assessment

Almeley Habitats Regulations Assessment

The following NDP update was delivered to all properties during February 2018

Parish Update February 2018

The following November NDP update was delivered to all over the weekend of 25th-26th November 2017.  There were a very few properties that the information was unable to be left at as a drop point could not be found.  The Steering Group apologises for this.

Agenda and Minutes of Steering Group Meetings

Draft Minutes – NDP Steering Group – 10th October 2018

Agenda – NDP Steering Group – 10th October 2018

Signed Minutes – Steering Group – 25th April 2018

Agenda – NDP Steering group – 25th April 2018

Signed Minutes – NDP Steering group – 5th February 2018

Agenda – NDP Steering group – 5th February 2018

Signed Minutes – Steering Group 10th January 2018

Agenda – NDP Steering group – 10th January 2018

Signed Minutes – Working group 29th Nov 2017

Signed Minutes – Working group 20th Sept 2017

NDP Parish Update November 2017

Minutes NDP Meeting 20th September 2017

NDP Questionnaire – Results

NDP Questionnaire – Review of Results

Agenda NDP Meeting 20th September 2017

Questionnaire for printing

ALMELEY NDP – draft vision presentation

Minutes NDP Meeting 22nd March 2017

Agenda NDP Meeting 22nd March 2017

Minutes NDP Meeting 26th January 2017

Agenda NDP Meeting 25th January 2017

Notice to Land Owners

Minutes NDP Meeting 30th November 2016

NDP Meeting Agenda 30th November 2016

Minutes NDP Meeting 7th September 2016

Minutes – Parish Council meeting – 13th January 2016

NDP Announcement 16th January 2015

DRAFT NDP 16th January 2015

NDP initial draft 2014

NDP Call for Land survey

NDP Meeting Minutes 15th October 2014

NDP Questionnaire Analysis

NDP Questionnaire May 2014