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    • Mario,

      Apologies for the delay, we are currently moving all of the minutes from our old webpage onto here. The minutes that you have requested are now available under: Council Business>Parish Council Minutes in the menu at the top of the page.

      Should you need any further information then do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Hi Can we please have the white lining done at Logaston/ Broadfield turn. All sorts of transport are comming round cutting corners or not stopping. I can see a pile-up coming and I have asked before to be done.

    I have emailed and told highways. Also the hedges are not being cut correctly and come winter with a heavy snow the hedges will come over into roads.

  2. Two things. I subscribed months ago to get updates but receive nothing and secondly please could you put on this site the times the post office van comes to Almeley. As it varies, it is helpful to have quick access to this information

    • Firstly, thank you for making contact, as you are aware we have been working hard to get the new website up and running. Originally it was planned to send out a newsletter but it has since been decided that it would be better for subscribers to receive notifications as and when the website is updated. The newsletters would have been quite labour intensive to produce; the notification will be automatic and you will be able to choose what type of notifications you receive and how regularly. We hope to have this in place over the next couple of weeks.

      The post office times are available here

    • Dear Mr Phillips,

      As all current business has been addressed at recent meetings, there was no need to hold a meeting in July.
      The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th September.

      Kind Regards

      • The following two planning applications were published on 29th June 2017 which I thought would have been added to an agenda in time for the parish council meeting on 12th July 2017. I note your response that there was no need to hold a meeting in July, hence the cancellation, but it does appear that there was business to discuss. However, surely an extraordinary parish council meeting will now have to be called in July to discuss these applications as the closing dates for comments are 26th July 2017 and 27th July 2017 respectively.

        P171932/FH The Old Quarry, Eardisley.
        P172075/FH Upper Stocks Farm, Wooton.
        Steve Phillips

        • It was discussed at the last meeting that it may well be necessary to call an extraordinary meeting later in the month to appoint a clerk and comment on applications received to date and yet to be received and all 5 councillors present agreed this was a better use of resources.

          Kind Regards


          • Thank you for your response.
            In your initial reply you stated that all business had been discussed and that there was no need to hold a meeting in July and that the next meeting would not be held until 13th September. You made no mention of the fact that an earlier meeting may be required. Thank you for clarifying this.
            Steve Phillips

  3. Can you please tell me when the minutes of the meeting held on the 29th June will be on the web site?

  4. White lining Logaston/Broadfield junction, can we have it on next council meeting please. Logaston lane hedge for over 100 metres want’s cutting when allowed to by owner . This hedge was not cut last year and now well over the verge and visibility now is very dangerous . The road now is not wide enough for waste lorry to come down without scratching the sides. All the work that was done by the council on the ditches over the last two years plus will have to be done again . The verge is being pushed back into ditch and the edge of road will have to be done again as it will not be safe for the waste lorry.

  5. Can you advise when the minutes of the NDP meeting held on 19th July 2017 will be published.
    Steve Phillips

  6. I note that Draft Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 15th November 2017 have been posted. All Councillors were present. At item 9 Councillor Hope left the meeting during the debate before a vote was taken. This left 6 Councillors to vote. A vote was then taken when it was RESOLVED that the PC would support Option (Appendix 3) within the draft NDP proposal. The vote was recorded as 4:1 (JE). This indicates that just 5 Councillors voted and I assume JE refers to Councillor James Edwards as voted against the motion. Obviously for some reason the vote of one Councillor is not recorded. Can you please clarify in what way the ‘missing’ Councillor voted as an abstention has not been recorded? If indeed that Councillor did abstain or voted against the motion, could you please identify their vote by publishing initials as in the case of Councillor Edwards.
    Steve Phillips (Mr)

    • Hi Mr Phillips – I am sorry I haven’t responded to this sooner – the website no longer notifies me of comments.
      I am aware, however, that your query has been answered as we have been in email contact.
      Can I suggest that for the time being emailing me directly is a more reliable source of communication.
      Kind regards

  7. Is there a Neighbourhood Watch operating in the area?
    Today a white van appeared outside the house, when he saw me the driver asked if there was any scrap metal and then drove off. Probably genuine, but slightly odd. The registration of the van was WU53UFA

  8. Has the Council any powers to control the timing and frequency of verge-cutting during the growing season? Last year it was depressing to see the destruction wreaked
    upon wild flowers and hedges at the height of growth and flowering. Only in a very small number of cases could this be justified on safety grounds.
    If Almeley wishes to be pretty and a haven for our threatened wild creatures cutting
    should be restricted to Autumn,as in enlightened countries like Sweeden.

    • Hi Thane
      Thank you for your message – I shall pass it onto Almeley Locality Steward.
      Kind regards
      Emma Thomas – Parish Clerk

  9. I recently received an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan in the post.
    This document states that the plan can be viewed on the parish website, however I can’t seem to find it on the website. Please can you give me instructions on how to find it on the website?

    • Hi Mr Scott
      Thank you for your query. The consultation period started today and you can now find the documents on the Neighbourhood Development Plan page of the Almeley Parish Council website.
      Kind regards
      Emma Thomas – Parish Clerk

  10. Hello
    I was walking with my dog at Nieuport House along the footpath that passes The Parks this weekend. The footpath should come out on the road but it was blocked by several electric fences. My dog and I found this out the hard way unfortunately. Would you tell me who is responsible for ensuring paths are passable?

    • Hi Mary

      Thank you for your email. Lara Edwards at Balfour Beatty is responsible for making sure the paths stay open. Her contact details are Lara.Edwards@Balfour

      Kind regards

      Emma Thomas
      Clerk to APC

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