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RSS Planning Applications

  • P183952/FH - Full Householder 20/11/2018
    The Brambles Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6LF, Conversion of Existing Garage to Utility Room and Studio , Determination Made
  • P184193/F - Planning Permission 08/11/2018
    Land at Hopleys Green Road Woonton Herefordshire , Proposed erection of 3 detached cottages with garages (revised scheme 161919). , Valid
  • P184090/F - Planning Permission 06/11/2018
    Bridge Farm Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6LD, Proposed cattle building, Valid
  • P183753/F - Planning Permission 15/10/2018
    Stocks Engineering Forge Garage Woonton Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6QN, Proposed steel portal framed extension. , Valid
  • P183607/CD3 - Council Development Reg 3 11/10/2018
    Almeley Primary School Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6LH, Proposed construction of double classroom building, removal of existing mobile classroom and external landscaping and fencing. , Valid
  • P183194/F - Planning Permission 21/09/2018
    Glynfield Barn Woonton Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6QR, The proposed erection of a steel framed building for servicing vehicles (use class B2) and the change of use of an existing steel framed portal framed building for storage use (use class B8) in connection with Wye Bobcat Services. Additional works to include new planting, hardstanding and infiltration […]
  • P183424/K - Works to Trees in a Conservation Area 12/09/2018
    6 Mountain View Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6NG, Proposed works to T1 Lime - Crown lift to 3m and cut back growth encroaching over property back to boundary. T2 Field Maple - Crown lift to 3m and cut back growth encroaching over property back to boundary. G3 Various - Crown lift to 4m and reshape […]
  • P183401/EN - Electricity Prior Approval 07/09/2018
    Land at Lower Wootton Farm Almeley Kington Herefordshire , Proposed upgrading of existing 11KV Overhead Line to 3 Phase (3 Wires). , Determination Made
  • P183087/EN - Electricity Prior Approval 01/08/2018
    Land at Bollingham Farm, Bower Brook Farm, Upper Welson Farm and Great Quebb Farm Eardisley Kington Postcode for Bollingham Farm HR5 3LD, Proposed reconductoring of 11KV overhead line & upgrade to 3 phase (3 wires). , Determination Made
  • P182604/F - Planning Permission 27/07/2018
    Bridge Farm Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6LD, Proposed roof over an existing muck store , Determination Made
  • P182533/F - Planning Permission 16/07/2018
    Summer House Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6PX, The proposed covering of an existing livestock handling area, Determination Made
  • P182187/FH - Full Householder 14/06/2018
    Stonewell Cottage Almeley Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6LQ, Proposed single storey rear extension , Determination Made
  • P182128/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 11/06/2018
    Little Wooton Farm Woonton Hereford Herefordshire HR3 6QN, Application for prior notification of agricultural or forestry development - proposed building., Determination Made
  • P181859/EIB - EIA SCOPING 17/05/2018
    Land at Green Farm Crump Oak Wood Lyonshall Kington Herefordshire , Request for Scoping Opinion for six poultry units, biomass boilers, poultry managers dwelling and associated development , Valid
  • P181472/F - Planning Permission 19/04/2018
    Barn at Logaston Common Farm Logaston Woonton Herefordshire HR3 6QJ, Proposed change of use of barn to form ancillary letting accommodation, Determination Made